Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Illusion of Truth

The 1960 movie Elmer Gantry based on Sinclair Lewis' 1927 controversial book allows us modern parallels in all areas of society today.  In the film, the central character played by Burt Lancaster demonstrates to the viewer how the words and passion of one individual in the right environment can lead masses of people in any direction.  It also showed how nothing is sacred and free from the tarnishing flaws of mankind,  and how even lies can earn the respectable badge of truth.

Our system of society has worked for the most part over the last thousand years for the fact that the citizens of the World allowed their governments, religions, and bankers a large amount of their trust, and a faith in what they saw & experienced in their life as Truth.

This system & the communication surrounding it starts to fall apart when it loses its key foundation block, or the illusion of that...



1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; 
soundness of moral character; honesty.

Number one reason to maintain silence.

Fear of losing the Illusion of Integrity.

Number one reason to lie.

Loss of Integrity.

The lack of integrity has become an ever present force within our World.  It surrounds us and draws us in... even the best of us is challenged daily to compromise what is right.

It reins its power over our governments, the financial systems of the world, and even the religions that so many consider the moral compass of their souls.

Here we are at what many would say is the most technology advanced stage of the human civilization, yet we are falling down with our every step away from our past. We are put to shame by history recorded in pictures on a cave wall, and even some of those early historians exaggerated the truth.  The future is based in part on the History we leave behind, will truth not be of any importance to our descendants.  Is it no longer even important in the present world we inhabit?

The PC age of computers has allowed us to record & scan massive amounts of information. Now a document that was once only known to one individual where it was buried among boxes in their attic... that same document can be scanned and re-united with other hidden pieces of the event.  Even though this may not paint us a precise picture of the past, it might allow us a clearer understanding of what took place.  To learn for the future.

Without fail... the over whelming power that keeps the truth away seems to always have an underlying reason.  Yet, no one dares look behind the secret veil, for the fear of the truth will make a bad situation... unbearable.

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